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SERVER RULES - ENGLISH Status Sep. 01,2018


1-Server INFOS:

-Remove all deleted items from the database after 5 days

-Remove all territories (and contructions + containers in it) that were not paid after 30 days

-Remove all containers outside of territories that have not been used for 3 days
Example: Tents

-Remove all constructions outside of territories that are older than 2 days or not moved for 2 days
Example: Work Benches

-Remove all vehicles that were not moved/used for 30 days
Attention: use the Virtual Garage for saving Vehicles

-Deletes a base 5 days after the flag is stolen if the ransom money isn't paid

-Sets door and safe pins to 0000 and marks safes to abandoned 5 days after the flag is stolen if the ransom money isn't paid

-You need a GPS or UAV terminal to see your or your vehicles exact position the map.

-your lost items and money will not be replaced in general, but in special cases we do

-This is a PVE/PVP-Server!

- PVP allowed on East-Side of Altis only !

-Serverrestarts: 00:00,04:00,08:00,12:00,16:00,20:00


-Our languages on this Server are: German and English
-no hacking,exploiting,duping,Bugusing,Combat logging or glitching
-Air to air, air to base, and air to ground kamikaze is not tolerated.
-Vehicles parked on wood Exile objects are done AT YOUR OWN RISK! We will not refund vehicles for falling through objects, or getting blown up by Exile construction objects.
-Abusive or racist behavior to ANYONE in the server will not be tolerated.
-Offensive names on the server will not be tolerated. An admin will ask you to change your name then kick/ban you if you don't change it. Do not argue with an admin over what is offensive.
-NO copying other clan tags or players names to troll them. You will be kicked and asked to change your name.
-German and English only in side chat.
-Voice in side chat is not tolerated.
-Respect the admins. They do a lot of crap that you don't realize and take time away from their gaming experience to help keep the servers running smooth for you.
-Listen to what admins say. If you're told to stop doing something, then stop.
-Impersonating admins is not tolerated.
-No farming respect by killing your teammates. You will be banned!


> Traderzones are for TRADING! <
-parking of vehicles only in marked areas
-no vehicles within the main trader area (Airport Building)
-Stealing is allowed.(You are responsible for your own gear always lock your vehicle in a safezone but camping in safezone to get access to vehicles from players that already arrived is trolling and will be punished)
-Camping safezones is allowed.
-Ramming vehicles inside safezones is not tolerated.
-Blocking traders from other players by standing too close on purpose is not tolerated.
-Destroying vehicles in safezones is not tolerated (Do not shoot vehicles from outside a safezone).
-Shooting into a safezone is not tolerated.


-NO building in a safezone/traderzone
-NO building close to a safezone (1000m)
-NO building close to a spawnzone(1000m) - it is the outermost boundary of the mark !!!
-NO building on or very close to military loot (1000m) - do not block military loot from being accessed by any player (i.e. Gasstations cannot be built around/inside)
-Military Areas are marked as "Military" on the Map!
-NO building on roads, you can build over roads, like bridges( 2 floors higs and minimium 1 wall lenght ,left and right of road)
-NO building on ANY bridges
-NO building within 500m of ANY bridges
-Only one flag per person allowed, distance between Territorys must be at least 325m( Max. Baseradius is 150m)
setting more than one flag is not allowed and results in both flags deleted by admin!
-Flags must be accessable, Flag could be inside Base!
-No putting the flags inside any objects at all. This means safes as well.
-No flying flags.


-You pay the Rent for exactly 30 Days
-Pay the office trader(before then to be safe!) to protect your territory
-Territory protection costs pop tabs per object and/or 10 respect per object
-If you don't pay protection your flag, all built objects, and crates/safes will get removed!-->look at the top --> 1-Server INFOS


-Raiding bases is allowed, even on PVE side. (driving past, flyovers and running aroung is no Attack!)
-Destroying vehicles inside bases is allowed.(Use the virtual garage)
-Cracking door locks is allowed.
-Hacking safes is allowed!
-Using Explosives to get into Base is allowed.
-Glitching into Base is NOT allowed!!!


-PVP allowed in complete East-Altis-Area without any restrictions!

-NO PVP in West-Altis outside of PVP-Zones! Defending your Base against raiders is allowed! walking by, driving past or flying over is no Baseraid!


-Be always sure that the Vehicle you wanna shoot on is no player! Use chat or horn e.g. to communicate!

- It is allowed to claim a Mission in PVE Area only ( Mark it in side channel and on Map) !

-if you kill a player by accident! say sorry and help the guy to get his stuff back! It´s strictly forbidden to loot dead bodies of other players!

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